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Thanks for dropping by!

Hello!  I know my blog is very new, and quite frankly, I never expected anyone to read it.  In the past few days I have had an abundance of visitors and could not be more ecstatic!  It all started when I found this amazing website and decided that I would like to be a part of her awesome blog community.  Whether you find my blog from there, or somewhere else, Welcome.

It never dawned on me that other people, people who I did not even know, could be a web of support and a shoulder to lean on.  For this I am so grateful and I am now committed to updating my blog and sharing my journey as a member of this supportive IF group.  I kind of knew that keeping an “online journal” or “blog” could be very therapeutic for me, but I never imagined how much I would gain from it.  The feeling of pure excitement and relief when I see a comment from a reader who knows what I am talking about, or who is going through the same struggles I am has really made this journey easier, and has made me feel less alone.  That has become the best part of my day and of this whole short experience so far.

As I started reading other people’s blogs I came to the conclusion that the stories may differ, but the emotions are all the same.  We are a group of strong women, going through hell and back sometimes, to make our dreams come true.  Reading the blogs of other women going through fertility treatments gives me strength, hope, and wisdom.  I cheer along with them when they get their BFP’s, and feel sad when their journey does not go as planned. 
In honor of the new sense of community I am feeling, I would like to take a moment just to thank you.  Thank you for visiting, commenting, sharing your story, and keeping up your own blog if you do.  


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    • I agree that this community is amazing! When my mom went through IVF (back in the early 80’s) she was all alone and didn’t have anyone to go through it with. Makes me thankful for all the new technology these days. Thanks for visiting!

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