In the waiting room…

The DH and I are sitting here in the waiting room of the fertility office. It’s kind of weird being in here, waiting for the procedure is nerve wracking but I am trying to remain calm.

On another note, my clinic has offices all over the Chicago area, and where I live in the suburbs. I usually go to the same office each time but had to schedule the IUI at the downtown office because they are the only office open 7 days a week. The nurse was afraid I would surge over the weekend. Anyway, it was a pain driving down here but it is so beautiful I’m glad we did.

The office is right on the river and the DH and I stood outside and relaxed for a few minutes before going in. It was a nice way to start the day!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed



Trigger time!

It‘s official!  I just did both my trigger shots and am going for my first IUI in 36 hours! 

Let me start off by informing the general public that giving a shot to yourself it much more awkward than one would think.  For the last week I have been all macho, telling the DH (dear husband), “Of course you don’t have to give me the shot, I’m a big girl and I promise I can do it myself.”  Fast forward to tonight, as I am wiping my stomach (exactly one inch from my belly button) with the supplied alcohol pad and then grasping the needle with shaking hands, needle pointed towards me.  Not so brave-I start thinking to myself as I muster up the courage to do it.  Meanwhile, DH is sitting on the hallways stairs, eye closed, and grossed out that I had to do this (he is not a fan of needles!) After what feels like an eternity, I get the first needle in, no pain and inject with a slow, steady, pace.  I was quite pleased that I felt virtually no pain.  Then it was on to the second side now, which hurt much more than that first! 

Now that it is over I feel much better and more confident.  Hopefully, I won’t ever have to do this again unless we want child #2.  But, if we do have to go through a few month of TCC trial and error, at least I know I can handle the injections. 

Anyway, right after I gave my self the shots, it felt like my ovaries were spasming and I could feel them expanding.  I also got this dull ache in my sides and back.  DH thought I was crazy and it was in my head but I swear I could feel all my lady parts inside haha.  It was quite the experience but I am glad we did it.  One step closer.

The thought that I could be pregnant two weeks from now is crazy.

Fertile Myrtle…or not?


Will I be one of those lucky few I read about in the infertility forums who get a BFP after their first IUI?  Will I have to do multiple IUI’s or eventually IVF??  The unknown is super scary, but when the  unknown is also uncontrollable, the crazy, OCD, control freak in me screams and talks to me in my sleep!!!  I have not even tried to get preggo yet so in my head, I am fertile myrtle until proven otherwise.  That is how I am staying sane.  Judge me, call me an unrealistic optimist, but I am banking on my cozy uterus, hardworking ovaries, and special super sperm to make us a baby asap!

I’ve decided that fertility treatments are a crap shoot and I don’t gamble so I’m not getting the hang of all these percentages. It seems weird to me that  a 36-year-old woman with one tube and pcos gets preggo on her first try, yet the 24-year-old girl in the peak of health eventually has to have IVF.  Does that make sense?  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy for each and every woman who has a baby, especially when they have been trying so hard.  It is just insane to me how random the whole BFP outcomes seem to be. 

Well, our first IUI is scheduled for Thursday.  I had an 18 mm follie, and 9mm lining as of CD14 and since I am triggering on CD15 (tonight), I am hoping both have grown a bit in the last 24 hours.  It only takes one sperm and one egg.  Hopefully our thawed popsicle sperm have been given the pep talk at the doctors office and are excited to go find my egg!  Think of it as a very important Easter hunt.  I was thinking about leaving them directions somewhere in there, but since that is not possible, I will stick to taking the day off work, keeping my hips elevated, and chanting nursery rhymes while meditating so they have an easier journey…ok now I sound crazy.

I have never once in my life been one of those lucky people who win contests, races, awards, or anything really.  But this is the most important thing I will ever do in my entire life and I am praying that for once, I will be one of those lucky woman who wins a BFP on the first try!