Trigger time!

It‘s official!  I just did both my trigger shots and am going for my first IUI in 36 hours! 

Let me start off by informing the general public that giving a shot to yourself it much more awkward than one would think.  For the last week I have been all macho, telling the DH (dear husband), “Of course you don’t have to give me the shot, I’m a big girl and I promise I can do it myself.”  Fast forward to tonight, as I am wiping my stomach (exactly one inch from my belly button) with the supplied alcohol pad and then grasping the needle with shaking hands, needle pointed towards me.  Not so brave-I start thinking to myself as I muster up the courage to do it.  Meanwhile, DH is sitting on the hallways stairs, eye closed, and grossed out that I had to do this (he is not a fan of needles!) After what feels like an eternity, I get the first needle in, no pain and inject with a slow, steady, pace.  I was quite pleased that I felt virtually no pain.  Then it was on to the second side now, which hurt much more than that first! 

Now that it is over I feel much better and more confident.  Hopefully, I won’t ever have to do this again unless we want child #2.  But, if we do have to go through a few month of TCC trial and error, at least I know I can handle the injections. 

Anyway, right after I gave my self the shots, it felt like my ovaries were spasming and I could feel them expanding.  I also got this dull ache in my sides and back.  DH thought I was crazy and it was in my head but I swear I could feel all my lady parts inside haha.  It was quite the experience but I am glad we did it.  One step closer.

The thought that I could be pregnant two weeks from now is crazy.